About PHP Contact Form

About PHP Contact Form

Well to start, I am a professional website developer working from my home office in Wisconsin.  I started this business 8 years ago and for quite a while I struggled with adding contact forms to a website, and working with them to do what I needed.  I’m self taught on everything and just couldn’t find a good resource for a simple php contact form script.

Spending hours searching online and downloading every contact form I could find – but they were all very complicated and never had everything I was looking for … or clear documentation for me to change them to what I needed.  Plus the free ones always had a link back to the original site and limited me as to how I could use them – which didn’t really work if you are doing a wide variety of different websites for several clients at a time.

So I spent a couple days and just focused on the form.  I took bits and pieces from the ones I downloaded, and checked out plenty of tutorials.  I learned the process inside and out – to the point where I am now a “form guru”.

Well, maybe not – but I have done pretty much anything you can think of with a contact form and can easily design and process a form to do whatever you need.  I understand contact forms and processing formmail with php like the back of my hand – and have put together this website, and these forms, to hopefully help you on your next web design project.

It seems everyone wants a form these days for one reason or another.  Contact forms, feedback forms, subscriber forms, polls, questionnaires, surveys, signup’s, payments and checkouts … the list goes on.  And how many days, nights, weekends have you spent searching online for a form to meet your needs – only to hit one dead end after another?

Well, now your search is over, and if you cant find something on this website to meet your direct needs – please contact me and let me put one together specifically for you, and / or assist you with any of your website development projects.

Contact Form Features at a Glance

  • Quickly collect user information and have it sent to your email, without exposing your email address to the public and email harvesting applications.
  • Anti spam protection against header injection and malicious attacks.
  • No programming skills required. One line of text to edit and your ready to go.
  • Complete CSS design styles to make for easy changes to the look and feel.
  • No database is needed.
  • Simple and easy to understand to make customizing a breeze.
  • Fully customizable for any web page or flash file.
  • Completely unbranded, with no reference or links back to our site.
  • Its yours to do with whatever you want. Unlimited usage on unlimited sites.
  • Free support if you have questions or need assistance.

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