how to install Prestashop Order Edit module with Backoffice

The increase in the number of sales reflects the evolution of one business. There have several ways to boost e-commerce store sales such as paying for the traffic, showcasing product benefits better, upsell and cross-sell, using web supporting tools, and so on. In my experience, I have used some tools which amazinglyraise the number of our orders. You can check those tools here and choose any ones that are suitable for your business.

One of the most common tools that helps you to manage orders in the easiest way while still saving almost 70% time compared with the original way is Prestashop Order Edit module. I have already introduced to readers about module’s pros and cons in the previous post. Throughout this post, I will show you how to install this module in your Back office.


After purchasing this module, you will see that it is compressed in a .zip file. Please save this file to your computer.

Prestashop Order Edit module


Firstly, you need to access your Back office. In the Dashboard menu, please click on “Modules & Services”:

Prestashop Order Edit module


Next, please hit “Upload a module” button:

Prestashop Order Edit module

A popup will be displayed:

Prestashop Order Edit module

You can either drag and drop the module zip file or click on “Select file” > “Open” to upload it.

The installation process will take some seconds. A successful message will be shown up when the progress is complete. After that, please click on “Configure” to go to the module settings screen.

Prestashop Order Edit module

You are able to configure the module to meet your business requirement now. We also give detailed instructions on how to set up the Prestashop Order Edit module in the other post, so please refer there for more information.

Prestashop Order Edit module

The Prestashop Order Edit module has been successfully installed on your online store. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Increasing the conversion rates by using a mobile app

As a matter of fact, your company success depends on your revenue. This interest is the rest money on your wallet after spending a lot of budget for marketing, advertising, and other miscellaneous fees. Thanks to those SEO actions, the number of shoppers visits your online store increasing dramatically. It means your products have more chance to sell, but it will be a problem if the sales number is not raising. From where I stand, I suggest some tips in order to improve this situation.


It can be clearly seen that e-commerce has entirely revolutionized retail in the last twenty years. Along with this, the development of smartphones, as well as public WiFi and mobile internet technologies have also changed the shopping habits of buyers. Statistics show that the number of sales which are purchased from mobile devices increases 50% while it’s just increased 17% by using their personal computer. People use their mobile phones almost all the time when they are in the office, the café, and in the bus. Your business should not only optimize mobile friendly but also create a mobile app to make customer’s shopping experience become more comfortable. A mobile app should have clearly user interface, limit advertisements, and only display necessary information for shoppers. It is said that the purchasing rate from mobile app increases more than 40% – compare with completing orders from mobile browsers.

conversion rates by using a mobile app


But there is a fact that not all customers are willing to install your mobile app on their smartphones. There have several main factors about this problem. Firstly, they can access several stores at the same time with browsers, while can only visit one store if using an app. Moreover, clients will not put their devices in risk situation when installing a new app because there might have issues with transaction security or malware. I recommend some solutions to overcome this problem such as giving vouchers/discounts if they install your app, reviewing/sharing app to gain points, and so on.

Prestashop 1.7 reviews (2018)

What is Prestashop?

Launched in 2007, PrestaShop can be just a international cart software option. Nowaday – 2018 Together with greater than 270,000 shops internationally. Today I will give you Prestashop 1.7 reviews

A opensource cart application, also PrestaShop is wholly free to use and download. However, it does not imply that PrestaShop is really a zero-cost e-commerce solution. In case that you choose to download this program, you’re likely to want to pay for web hosting. You may also probably need to get a couple (usually pricey) modules to add various applications together side your site. In the event you’ve very little tech comprehension, you can consider investing in an internet developer that’ll support you cope with the rough locations.

PrestaShop may possibly be liberated, however in the event, you aren’t careful, it might find yourself being more pricey than some fully-hosted choices.

Stick-on to get a complete, unbiased inspection of PrestaShop.

View the movie below to Find a Quick Overview of PrestaShop. The picture was made for its preceding version of PrestaShop (we’re now on PrestaShop 1.7. X), however it is going to still provide you with a fantastic idea what you can expect.

Prestashop is Free

Though PrestaShop will not supply you with a free trial (why would they should their applications is now free?) They do have a very demonstration available. This demonstration provides you with a possibility to understand more regarding the admin and admin onto plenty of apparatus. Every thing’s already saturated in using sample advice, and which indicates you truly obtain yourself a wonderful awareness of how in which the application works on an everyday basis.

However, it’s likely to expect that a few additional prices for hosting (even though those should not be too bad). View PrestaShop’s recommended hosting partners.

Ongoing expenses vary according to an array of factors. PrestaShop isn’t the simplest program to work well with; it could be tough to organize, and modules usually restrict one another, leading to an overall glitchy site. In the event you don’t discover just how exactly to address technical issues on your own, you are likely going to need to hire internet developers, IT staff, and also web designers to accomplish the job for you personally.

Moreover, modules and add-ons usually come at a steep cost (after all, that’s the way PrestaShop makes their cash).

Benefits Of Prestashop

Since PrestaShop is totally free to download, there is no free trial available. But as I mentioned previously, there’s a demo online so that you can check it out without going through all of the hassles of downloading and implementing this software.

Setting up PrestaShop requires a little bit of time. You will want to download PrestaShop and make a database, then upload the software to an own server with an FTP client, after that install. It’s possible to have a peek at PrestaShop’s Getting Started webpage to learn more.

Here is the dashboard, you will be able to get as soon as you’ve implemented this software.

prestashop reviews dashboard

At this time you’re likely to should start to think of what platforms you would like to run your business. If you have very little tech experience, then it’d be smart to hire a professional to shop immediately after integrations for you. You also must have Prestashop custom fields module to custom user registration page.. Matters could come across just a tiny intricate. Fortunately, after you have got your site up and performing, everyday surgeries are quite simple. It will be likely to place up an item description, groups, amounts, and also search engine optimization attributes in the specific very same time that you put in that into an own shop. It’s offered from your toolbar under the title.

When it is potential to allow it to be throughout the very first setup from one’s store (integrations and modules included), you should function as correct handling the rest of the I counsel you just try this point all on your own personal. All you could have to complete is always to guide your own browser mechanically this absolutely functional presentation. That’s it. You don’t have to enroll in an endeavor, and also additionally you likewise don’t have to undergo some other installment wizards or tutorials. In addition to you’ll not obtain some calls out of profits reps.

PrestaShop 1.7 has 700+ features by now assembled in, and they comprise each one the fundamentals most merchants want to start. Take a glance at a couple of my favorite characteristics beneath.

Default theme design

The PrestaShop shop hosts over 3,500 fully responsive templates made by third-party designers. The only free solution is that the default theme that accompanies every platform.

Here is the Prestashop default themes:

prestashop reviews front end

Due to the fact PrestaShop is opensource, you have absolute accessibility for the particular code that has been used to build up your site. Now you (or your personal hired developers and artists) are certain to get on your ears and then customize the site to both checks and run exactly the method that you would like it to. Default theme looks great but everything is very simple. If you need custom you need download mega menu Prestashop. You also need a lot more custom to make your site unique.

Default theme has a enough contact form. But if you need a custom form you have to purchase a module or hire a developers.

In the event you don’t need access to tech skill, however, there’s really a WYSIWYG (what you find is just what you will get) editors available to produce alterations to an own default motif. With all the WYSIWYG editor you then can insert your symbol along with transform page layouts without even having any hint at all. You will possibly utilize the WYSIWYG editor to mechanically upgrade your web pages content material. With tens of thousands of integrations provided in PrestaShop’s add-ons market-place, you’re sure to comprehend exactly what your website demands. These integrations are seen as one-time purchases.

It’s appropriate that integrating such integrations to the own platform can acquire high priced, especially the moment you imagine of your alternatives. Lots of those modules have been by now incorporated into the additional absolutely hosted cart. And those carts regularly charge modest to mid-size retailers somewhere around £ 300 yearly for everybody (such as for instance hosting along with customer service). Thus, for several merchants, those entirely hosted choices can possibly be cheaper than obtaining handfuls of modules in PrestaShop. Around the reverse side, in the event that you’re attempting to sell high volume, then you definitely have turn outside as well to PrestaShop. It all is different. Besides the buy price tag, there is just another drawback to all those third-party modules; due to the fact these are made by numerous exceptional developers, they’re not guaranteed to interact. Adding numerous modules can lead to a glitchy site, additionally mainly because PrestaShop did not create the modules that they can’t fundamentally help when anything else goes wrong.

Customer Support

Support is more complex using an opensource program. Since most programmers assemble both the templates and modules available into this point, nobody completely knows each the intricacies of most of PrestaShop platforms. Service may not be optional; with boundless mixes of modules reachable, every single store is unique within its own particular makeup. Around the reverse side, opensource applications have its own advantages. PrestaShop hosts a diverse consumer community that arrives collectively to resolve problems via solutions and forums. Here’s the sort of services you’re ready to purchase with PrestaShop.

  • Forum comunication: Here is actually the consumer community I have been speaking about. Bonus: forums have been recorded in numerous languages.
  • Services: Employ web designers and programmers to incorporate modules to you, take good care of migration, track and correct your SEO, or even make a new theme on your shop.
  • PrestaShop Coaching: Contains classes that will assist you grasp the stage.
  • Social Media: you could also attempt to get PrestaShop through Facebook or even Twitter, but you should likely try other contact approaches.

Others favorable testimonials mention:

  • Mobile harmonious: This is true for both the admin as well as the admin.
  • Quick installation: Tech-savvy users report you could get online in only every day.
  • Documentation and manuals: Resources are all comprehensive.
  • Quick loading: Many retailers say that their websites load quicker on PrestaShop.
  • Great forum/community.


Concentrate on the word “prepared” Your PrestaShop shop won’t be PCI Compliant by itself. You are going to need to make sure yourself. In order to accomplish this, you ought to buy an SSL certificate. Read PrestaShop’s security guide.

Prestashop Pros

  • Free opensource to download & use
  • Highly customizable with PHP and Smarty
  • Integrated with a lot of platform: Amazon, PayPal…
  • Powerful user community
  • Alot of free modules

Prestashop Cons

The last

PrestaShop isn’t for the newcomer. However, if you are reasonably comfortable with HTML, CSS, and PHP (or is able to employ a programmer) you may discover that PrestaShop matches your company’s requirements. As open source software, it is highly customizable. It includes a huge feature set right from this box, and there is an ever-expanding choice of add-ons to select from.

5 Ways to Improve Checkout Conversion Rates

Nowadays, online shopping is on the rise because of the rapid expansion of the Internet and use of mobile devices in the market. A lot of store owners spends so much money on advertising and marketing but its revenues and income don’t increase as expected. The number of website visitors raises while the number of real customers are not. It is reported that around 70% new customers are not completing their purchases online, and they will leave and never comeback. But every problem is an opportunity. In this post, we share some tips to improve and avoid them.

1 Do not distract your customers

Firstly, you should make the purchasing process as simple as possible. A lot of buyers refuse from a purchase because of a too frustrating and long checkout process. Secondly, please eliminate hyperlinks in a cart and any advertisements which could stop shoppers from completing orders. Those distractions can be really harmful for your sales.

abandoned cart reminder

2 Provide crystal-clear images and purchasing processes as well as gain customer’s trust

You should let customers know exactly about your checkout process by integrating a purchase progress indicator. Besides, please use trust signals such as use reviews of satisfied customers and sign up https for your website to increase the customer’s confidence about the security transaction. Last but not least, please enhance your customer support service. You can provide live chat,contact form ,  community forums, and more in order to give them confidence to move further.

abandoned cart reminder

3 Gather email addresses

In the very first ordering steps, please try to collect your customer email addresses at the start. If they can’t complete the purchase for some reasons, you can send them an email to remind about their abandoned carts.

abandoned cart reminder


4 Display warning message when visitors leave website

When they decide to leave your website, the possibility to buy products are reduced. You should let them know that these products might not be available when they come back to purchase by showing up a warning message.

5 Use tools

As a matter of fact, there exist huge amount of abandoned carts that we can’t avoid; so we should use some tools to improve the situation. Abandoned cart reminder is a powerful module which can send reminder emails for your customers anytime. You can offer them discount codes and the free shipping option in that reminder emails. This module also have reminder popups as well as browser notification which can be displayed even when they are not visiting your store.

abandoned cart reminder


Hope that this post helps you in increasing your sales. Let us know your good news!

8 Reasons abandonment cart – Why your customer didn’t complete their purchase?

A huge amount of customers visit your store but don’t purchase any products. This typical problem does not only happen on the physical store but also on your online shop. There exist multiple reasons for not purchasing products when visiting an e-commerce website. Throughout this post, you can figure out those reasons and solutions to fix them in order to have more potential customers and increase your revenue.

Do you know why shoppers don’t complete their order?

High unexpected shipping costs

When people add products to cart, they make a guess about the shipping fee and nothing more. If the shipping cost is somehow higher than the average, and you add additional fee which doesn’t appear until after the checkout process begun, your customer will go away for sure. Do you agree that you are not willing to purchase a pen (cost: $1 USD), but have to pay $4 USD for shipping?
High unexpected shipping costs

Frustrating and long checkout process

People can leave the checkout process anytime if there have multiple steps in checkout which make them feel really frustrating. Please make it as simple as possible because no customers want to waste their precious time. You should only ask for necessary information. Please, don’t require your client to fill in their identification card if they just want to purchase a bulb. Don’t make your check out form too complicate!

Lacking wide selections of payment options

Many businesses don’t realize the importance of providing different payment methods to their clients. For example,you familiar with PayPal doesn’t mean your customer would prefer to pay via PayPal. From where I stand, I would recommend the cash on delivery (COD) payment option. By using this method, your client is able to check their products before making payment. There would have some cases that your customers refuse to complete this order, but believe me, your revenue will be increased incredibly.

Lack of cost in details

A lot of e-commerce stores don’t put enough product information (especially product price and other additional prices) on their website. As a matter of fact, buyers will go elsewhere until they found those details, and that means you lost your potential clients just in a second. So, you need to be crystal-clear about the overall costs from cart to the checkout process.

Require registration before purchasing

I understand that some platforms require shoppers to create an account when purchasing by default. It helps your business in collecting customer’s database and advertisement purpose. But it is really annoying to buyers if they have to provide a lot of information in a lengthy registration form. In this case, you should ask your website developer to provide “Guest checkout” option or signing up with social networks (Facebook, Gmail, and so on).

Lack of concerning about website errors, mobile friendly, and secure transaction

A lot of visible website errors includes: impossible to click on basket icon and checkout, broken style, or extremely slow loading time could prevent shoppers from purchasing. You must also take into consideration about optimizing mobile interface because a nearly half of all orders are being completed from mobile devices.Focusing on the customer experience is paramount.Last but not least, please make sure about payment security – that’s major concern when making an online transaction. Please keep your website SSL certificates up-to-date.

Lack of return policy

Along with secure customer’s information and secure transaction, you should make your customer feel confident about their purchase by giving them a satisfied return policy. You can put the return policy in the final checkout step to boost buyer’s trust.

Do not use tools to remind shoppers about their abandoned carts

Customers can be distracted from the middle of purchasing progress because of multiple reality reasons. They might have a phone call, electricity suddenly cut off, or making a comparison between other competitor sites. In these cases, you should remind them by sending reminder emails, browser notifications, remind popup, sending voucher code, or offering free shipping. I strongly recommend a powerful tool called “Abandoned Cart Reminder”. This module is also called as “Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder” because it’s developed with Prestashop platform. Currently, there have 2 module versions which are compatible with Prestashop version 1.6 and 1.7.

Good luck with your business!

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