contact form 7 download file on submit

contact form 7 download file on submit is applied when you share a file with the condition that who want to download this file need to submit form. Usually, admins want to get users’ information such as email and telephone number. When users send this form successfully, the wanted file will be automatically downloaded to the computer.

This is not a new method but its positive effects on marketing are quite big. When people search document of some fields such as cake recipe, you can use form builder tool to require users to input their email, name and telephone number. After users submit a form, they will receive the file they want and you get their information. It is good for both two sides. The information you get is so valuable when you use it to advertise your bakery store, materials and baking accessory store.


Login to BackOffice of wordpres and install contact form 7 plugin. Create a form. You can do as the example below

contact form 7 download file on submit

Now, you should prepare the document file you want to share with people. You can upload it anywhere everyone can download such as Google drive or your media to get the url of the file.  Please getting access to this link to make sure everyone can get access and download file.

In the contact form, click on Additional Settings tab and add the following code. Remember to replace pdf-url-here with the file url you have got.


This code means that after the form is submitted successfully, force_download(); function will be processed

contact form 7 download file on submit

In code of WordPress, you should add code js

functionforce_download( file ){,'','left=100,screenX=100');pdf.document.execCommand('SaveAs','null','myfile.pdf');pdf.close();}

In addition to contact form 7 download file on submit, there is another way that after the email address is sent, we will configure an automatic email to send to the email that the customer has submitted. This way is to identify if this is real user email. You can refer to this previous article to be clear about this problem.

We have dealt with contact form 7 download file on submit. If you have any problem with Prestashop Form builder, Shopify Form builder, WordPress Form Builder, please leave a comment or contact us. We will give you a solution. Please share this article so that more people can find the solution to the problem they are facing.

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