PHP Contact Form Frequently Asked Questions

I just need to get this form done. Can you build it for me?

Absolutely. I love working on forms and would be more than happy to build it for you for as little as $30.00 in most cases.  Just visit this page for details, and more information to get started.

What are the requirements of running these forms on my website?

In order to for these forms to work properly you will need to have php installed on your server and the ability to use the sendmail function.  This is common on Linux / Unix servers, but may not work on Windows platforms.  If you are using a Windows based server, please verify with your host that php is enabled and the sendmail function is properly configured.

What sort of knowledge and/or skills are required for me to use your contact forms?

These contact forms have been developed under the assumption that you are at least somewhat familiar with html and css web page construction. Everything is fully documented with comments throughout the code to explain what everything does, and how to manipulate them for your needs, but you will need to open the files in your html editor (like Dreamweaver) or Notepad to make the edits needed to implement these forms for your individual usage.

Is this a form building application? Do these scripts install to my server?

No.  These are not installable scripts, and it is not an application for you to build your own forms.  The files in your package contain everything you need to submit the form information to your email.  Simply copy the form from the sample provided into your page – make any edits as needed and upload the files to your server.

Can I change the colors, add fields, checkboxes, select options, etc?

Yes you can.  Basically you can add whatever you need to the forms and there is instruction in the code to help you capture that new information and process it with the php file to your email.  If you need more clarification – just ask.

Will you build my forms for me as part of your support and guarantee?

The support and satisfaction guarantee is to help you and assist you with simple and general questions to get you going in the right direction, but does not include me building the forms for you.  However if you wanted me to do it for you and build your form to your exact specifications, just visit this page for details, and more information to get started.

Validation is not working.  What’s going on?

Each individual customer has different needs and there is no way for me to ensure proper validation on your form files.  The downloaded samples have been validated using javascript and will function just fine – however if you added fields to your form, you will need to also edit the javascript function to handle those new fields.  You can do this by looking at what is there and editing it to your needs – or dreamweaver has a nice validation tool built in under the “Behaviors” menu.

Also make sure that when you copy the sample form over to your page – you also include the javascript code in the sample page over to your page as well.  You can find this code in the <head> section.

Contact Form Features at a Glance

  • Quickly collect user information and have it sent to your email, without exposing your email address to the public and email harvesting applications.
  • Anti spam protection against header injection and malicious attacks.
  • No programming skills required. One line of text to edit and your ready to go.
  • Complete CSS design styles to make for easy changes to the look and feel.
  • No database is needed.
  • Simple and easy to understand to make customizing a breeze.
  • Fully customizable for any web page or flash file.
  • Completely unbranded, with no reference or links back to our site.
  • Its yours to do with whatever you want. Unlimited usage on unlimited sites.
  • Free support if you have questions or need assistance.

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